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We are a shop that is above and beyond in cleanliness.  We use fully disposable set ups where possible.  Barriers and disinfectants are used where necessary and our staff is current in cross contamination and blood borne pathogen training.  Feel free to come check us out in person.

Trained in cross contamination and blood borne pathogens, as well as principles of sterilization.  Experienced with Cover ups, Scar cover ups & restoration, Big Color, Black and Grey, Traditional American, as well as Japanese styles. Check out our Artist's pages.

Periodically bringing in guest artists keeps us current and allows us to have a broader selection of styles available in Edson. This keeps us learning as well and pushes us to achieve the highest standards possible.  Talk to Kris at the shop to arrange a consult with one of our guest artists.


Book a free consultation. Call or Text 780.225.2776 or email us through for appointment info, or even better, come in to see us in person at 4730 3 Ave Edson, AB.


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